I thought I was raising children...

I thought I was raising children...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Welcome to the World, Chunky Monkey!

I belong to a few moms groups -- fabulous groups of women that I could not have survived the last 5 years without.  

Within these groups, though, there are what I think of as the "Rock Star Moms."  

What is a Rock Star Mom?  A Mom that gives birth to a baby over 9 lbs.  

I joined that group on Wednesday.  

Yup, I gave birth to Jabba the Hut.   

Not only did I give birth to Jabba, she got stuck.  See, she tried to come out hands first, shouting "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  

So it took two nurses pushing on my stomach and the doctor yanking to get her out of me.


I love her.

And now our family is complete.

Yes, I pushed that out of me.  And the ultra sound that said she was 7.2 -- all lies.  

Okay, this picture is mean.  But I crack up every time I see it.   

My sweet, sweet chunky monkey.

Another one?  Where's the boy baby?
Oh, I'm going to beat the snot out of you....
Thank you for my new doll, Mommy!

Just the girls!

Holy Sh#$.  I have 4 kids.  I will never get a good picture again.

Time to go home!

Look at how nice I am, bringing candy to my big brother and sisters.

Oh, and you know who else is a rock star?  My husband.  Because when I was lying in the bed crying that the Baby Nurse was ignoring protocol and not giving me my baby, he scooped her up, curtly told the nurse she could do her job later, and put her in my arms.  I love him.  

My guy kicks a$$.

Welcome to the world, little one!  I hope you enjoy the ride :)

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