I thought I was raising children...

I thought I was raising children...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Birthday Weekend

I do this to myself 4 times a year ... every blessed year.  

I plan too many birthday celebrations in one weekend.  

See, some of my family is out of town so I try to cram as much as I can into one weekend so that they are not inconvenienced. 

And one branch of my family has requested that we separate the kids parties from the family parties.  

And we also do one on one time with the birthday child and mom and dad.

This past weekend was Girlie's 7th birthday.  

And my last day of work was on Friday. 

Dear God, I'm exhausted.  48 whirlwind hours. 

Girlie and KK get to share a trampoline for their birthday presents. 

We FINALLY found the Frozen nightgown after stalking the Disney Store for 3 months.

Oh, right.  I did this.  Dumb Frozen party.

And this became...

...(with someone's help)...


And a gymnastics party for all her friends.

She got Mom and Dad together alone at Disney.

She wanted to go on tea cups and then go shopping.

And eat pancakes.  My kind of trip.

It was exhausting and exhilirating ... she loved it.  And she was so appreciative and happy -- even without my prompting her.  

But I still slept for 12 hours straight. 

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