I thought I was raising children...

I thought I was raising children...

Friday, August 16, 2013

When you want to cry sad tears....

Yesterday was God awful.

So many things went wrong:

It started with a work meeting that should have been 30 minutes -- it stretched into 90 minutes and added an extra 4 hours on to my day.

I didn't have a sitter come because I thought I wouldn't need one.

We have ants. 

Girlie zipped herself INTO a body pillowcase.  And she was thrashing around so much, I couldn't unzip it.  So I had to cut her out of it. 

I cringe when I think about how much screen time Boyo got yesterday.

BabyGirlie discovered how to climb over the gate in her room -- she put the hamper upside down, climbs up and jumps over. So I took the hamper away.

She raised me by getting the diaper box. So I took the diaper box away.

She raised me again by trying to stand on her rocking chair.  Guess who fell and got a fat lip?

And BabyBug? 

She was the worst. 

She began throwing up at 9am.

When she wasn't throwing up, she was pooping.  Normally on me. 

At one point, I was literally up to my elbows in excrement. 

Thus, during naptime, I began weeping at my computer. 

"Mommy, why are you crying?"  Girlie asked me.  "Are those sad tears or happy tears?"

"Mommy's overwhelmed," I sniffed.  "These are sad tears."

"Oh," she said and walked away. 

She came back a few minutes later and handed me this.  "For when you want to cry sad tears.  This will help.  It's a subscription." 

And then I was crying happy tears.

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